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The Mighty Thor #8

In "The Mighty Thor" #8, Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman take Jane Foster/Thor to new heights of heart and heroism in their new arc, "Lords of Midgard."

Southern Bastards #14

In "Southern Bastards" #14, Jason Aaron and Jason Latour wrap up "Homecoming" in the best way possible: with the arrival of Roberta Tubb.

Doctor Strange: Last Days of Magic #1

In "Doctor Strange: Last Days of Magic" #1, three creative teams including James Aaron, Mike Perkins and more present the effects of the Empirikul's war on three magic-users in the Marvel Universe: El Medico Mistico, Doctor Voodoo and Wu.

Doctor Strange #6

The backup feature in "Doctor Strange" #6 has a lot of fun snapshots of a world without magic, which ultimately serves to balance out a slightly dreary and one-note main feature from Jason Aaron, Chris Bachalo and company.

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