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Billy the Vampire Slayer

Dark Horse Comics is introducing the first gay, male Slayer. SPOILER ALERT: Brett White praises this decision as a bold step towards gender inclusiveness and attempts to silence the haters.

CCI | Torchwood: Miracle Day Panel

At the Torchwood: Miracle Day panel at Comic-Con International, the stars and writer Jane Espenson talked about the move to Starz, the tone of the new season, and John Barrowman’s on-set practical jokes.

Espenson on the Life of (Buffy's) Riley

Jane Espenson spoke with CBR about Buffy's one-time paramour and how he came to infiltrate Twilight/Angel's militia in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8: Riley," a Dark Horse one-shot shipping in August.

Jane Espenson Talks "Buffy Season 8"

Lovable rock star/werewolf Oz returns to the Buffyverse in "Season 8" #26, courtesy of Dark Horse and Jane Espenson. We spoke with the writer about her plans for the "Retreat" story arc and fashionable vampires.