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Doctor Strange: Last Days of Magic #1

In "Doctor Strange: Last Days of Magic" #1, three creative teams including James Aaron, Mike Perkins and more present the effects of the Empirikul's war on three magic-users in the Marvel Universe: El Medico Mistico, Doctor Voodoo and Wu.

Star Wars Special: C-3PO #1

James Robinson and Tony Harris deliver some storytelling magic in "Star Wars Special: C-3PO" #1, which answers how Threepio got his red arm and presents some great character development as well as superb pacing.

Scarlet Witch #4

Wanda confronts the Emerald Warlock on the witches' road in James Robinson and Chris Visions' "Scarlet Witch" #4.

Squadron Supreme #1

James Robinson and Leonard Kirk assemble a strong roster for "Squadron Supreme" #1 but deliver a somewhat one-dimensional story with some moments of disbelief.

Scarlet Witch #1

In James Robinson and Vanesa Del Rey's "Scarlet Witch" #1, Wanda makes a new home in New York City and an investigation of some violent deaths leads her to a more alarming discovery.


A super-sized sampler, "Avengers" #0 gives readers bite-sized stories from across the Avengers brand of the All-New, All-Different Marvel Universe.

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