james bond

James Bond To Live On - In His Original Form

Well, the James Bond franchise didn't stay dead for too long. Just weeks after news broke that the movie follow-up to Casino Royale was on hold indefinitely, the estate of Ian Fleming has announced that the character will return next year in a brand new novel.

Mendes Forsakes Jesse Custer For James Bond

Jesse Custer has encountered another obstacle long journey to the big screen as Sam Mendes has left Preacher to direct the next Bond film. However, producer Neal Moritz tells Collider that Columbia Pictures is already talking to another director for the adaptation of the Garth Ennis-Steve Dillon comic series.

Developer Talks Quantum of Solace Game

CBR speaks with Treyarch's Garrett Young, Executive Producer of the hotly anticipated "Quantum of Solace" video game, which gives players the chance to be James Bond in a game based on the "Call of Duty 4" engine.

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