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James Bond: License To Shill?

The news that a full third of the budget for the next James Bond movie will be raised through product placement deals is either a masterstroke of financial planning by producers when it comes to dealing with the realities of getting an expensive movie made when your studio is emerging from bankruptcy or a horrible reminder of the cost of making movies in this culturally insipid, consumer society. Me? I think it's kind of spectacular and oddly tragic.

Judi Dench To Return For Bond 23

Judi Dench has confirmed she'll play M for a seventh time in the 23rd James Bond film, joining returning star Daniel Craig and American Beauty director Sam Mendes. The movie is set to open on Nov. 9, 2012.

MGM Sale Delays Bond 23 [Updated]

MGM has halted pre-production on the 23rd James Bond film as the beleaguered studio awaits the first bids on its assets, which include rights to the Bond and Pink Panther franchises, and half-ownership of the upcoming Hobbit adaptations. UPDATED! Nothing to see here, apparently!

Bond 23 Almost Locked For 2012

The most grueling fight that James Bond has ever faced is almost at an end. After the 23rd installment in the classic spy series was delayed due to MGM's widely publicized financial difficulties, it now appears that the gears are back in motion for another Bond adventure.

James Bond Dies Another Day In 2012

Agent 007 is renewing his license to kill, as the recently resolved situation at MGM has the studio looking towards a November 2012 release for the next big screen Bond outing.

Are James Bond And The Hobbit Getting Back On Their Feet?

MGM's much reported financial turmoil has sidelined James Bond and The Hobbit for the time being. But are the skies starting to clear for the troubled company? Will 007 and Bilbo Baggins ride again before much longer? According to two optimistic points of view, the answer is... possibly.

James Bond To Live On - In His Original Form

Well, the James Bond franchise didn't stay dead for too long. Just weeks after news broke that the movie follow-up to Casino Royale was on hold indefinitely, the estate of Ian Fleming has announced that the character will return next year in a brand new novel.

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