jai nitz

Jai Nitz Reanimates "Green Hornet Legacy"

"Dream Thief" writer Jai Nitz maintains the superhero feel of Kevin Smith's original Dynamite run on "Green Hornet Legacy" with a new wave of supervillains including ice cold zombies while romance for Kato looms.

Playing Kirby: The Dynamite Problem

Tim takes aim at the shortfalls of Dynamite's "Kirby: Genesis" project and points to what makes post-Kirby projects succeed or fail. How does the first issue of the upcoming "Silver Star" series fare?

Nitz Crafts "Green Hornet: Aftermath"

Jai Nitz gave CBR the lowdown on the official follow-up to the hit Green Hornet movie, how the new series connects with his movie prequel and why readers should get pumped for the newest iteration of the classic hero.

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