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Cover of the Week: August 28

This week sees an "Astonishing" band flier, a new I.D. for "Collider," an underwater attack in three parts, a devil in the Art Deco details and the face of Darkseid

Cover of the Week: July 24

This week, it's Batman and Superman versus Batman and Superman, The Flash versus the Reverse Flash, The Rocketeer versus The Spirit, and Kate Bishop versus Madame Masque.

Cover of the Week: June 26

This week, Hank Pym comes out of his shell, Foggy Nelson hits the Bullseye, Pizza Dog makes tracks, things get steamy at Morning Glory Academy, and the World's Finest strike a pose.

Cover of the Week - May 1

This week, Animal Man goes Americana, "Hawkeye" gets tearful, "X-Men Legacy" gets happy, Peter Parker gets lost and Utopia looks a lot like Dr. Frankenstein's lab.

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