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JMS Destroys Paradise Island

DC Comics have announced that Don Kramer and Michael Babinski are the art team joining J. Michael Straczynski on "Wonder Woman" when the writer begins his run. Oh, and they're destroying the Amazon Princess' home.

EXCLUSIVE: Straczynski Pens "Samaritan X" At DC

On the heels of multiple DC Comics projects, writer J. Michael Straczynski prepares an original, creator-owned graphic novel set within the DCU focusing on a super hospital in Gotham City and speaks EXCLUSIVELY with CBR about the book.

Straczynski Launches "Superman: Earth One"

J. Michael Straczynski spoke with CBR about his dream gig in comics, "Superman: Earth One," including his plans for Jimmy Olsen, why Superman doesn't wear a mask and what (or who) was responsible for Krypton's destruction.

Shane Davis Lands On "Earth One"

The artist of DC's incoming "Superman: Earth One" talks about the gig, making Clark less of a stereotype and why the graphic novel is the best format creatively - with EXCLUSIVE sketch material!

DC Opens Up Earth One

DC Comics launches a brand new universe for its biggest icons entirely in original graphic novel form with "Superman: Earth One" by J. Michael Straczynski and Shane Davis and "Batman: Earth One" by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank

JMS Takes on "Ninja Assassin"

Fan favorite writer J. Michael Straczynski spoke with CBR about the soon to be released "Ninja Assassin" and his other current writing projects, including a TV pilot for FOX and an unnamed Superman project for DC Comics.

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