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JMS Speaks on "Superman," "Wonder Woman"

J. Michael Straczynski elaborated on leaving "Superman" and "Wonder Woman," spoke openly about the cheers and jeers his DC work has received and hinted at progress already made on the "Superman: Earth One" sequel.

Brian Hibbs returns this month with a look at the sales of "Superman Earth One," JMS' announced move to OGN and self-contained, shorter stories, predictions of the death of the monthly periodical and more.

"Earth One" Creators Focus On Sequel

In the announcement of a sequel to the chart-topping "Superman Earth One" graphic novel, DC Comics has also confirmed J. Michael Straczynski's departure from "Superman" and "Wonder Woman's" monthly comics.

Davis' "Earth One" Secret Origin

With "Superman: Earth One" on the stands, artist Shane Davis tells CBR about the media blitz, remixing Superman's origin story, his process for creating a new arch foe and why the hoodie wasn't really a big deal.

Augie takes a look at this week's highly anticipated "Superman: Earth One" graphic novel, and sees some promise. Also, travel back to the 90s once more for a look at the Ultraverse's F.A.N. Committee and more.

NYCC: Spotlight on J. Michael Straczynski

JMS hosted a lively and raucous one-man panel Sunday at NYCC, where he discussed the "Thor" movie, his comics and film careers, "Babylon 5" and more, as well as offering advice to aspiring creators.

NYCC: DC Universe

At New York Comic Con's DC Universe panel, the publisher announced "The Death of Oracle" in "Birds of Prey," a new comedic space heroine from Kevin Maguire, and, very accidentally, a new Hawkman project from James Robinson.

Davis Visits "Superman: Earth One"

In a story featuring more Clark than cape, DC Comics exclusive artist Shane Davis revealed what's in with the Man of Steel in his and writer JMS' new OGN, "Superman: Earth One," and why Lex Luthor is out.

Superman's "Grounded" Adds Side Trip

After delays struck J. Michael Straczynski's "Superman" arc featuring a walk across America, DC Comics has announced an "interlude" issue by G. Willow Wilson focusing on Lois Lane will replace the planned issue #704.

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