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The Dark Knight Snubbed in Major Oscar Noms

Though Heath Ledger gets a much deserved posthumous nod for Best Supporting Actor for his performance as The Joker, Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight" has been shut out of nearly every major Oscar category.

Stan Winston, R.I.P.

Makeup and visual effects legend Stan Winston has passed away at age 62 after a seven-year battle with multiple myeloma. Winston won Oscars for his work on "Aliens" and "Terminator 2," and created the armor worn by Tony Stark in "Iron Man."

This week: San Diego's on the horizon again - and Steven tells you why you can't go, and why going this year is a good idea. Plus the difference between Alan Moore and Grant Morrison, an "Iron Man" movie review and much more in PERMANENT DAMAGE.

This week: Crisis on infinite crossovers, a barrage of fan mail, and lots of notes from the death of Rory Root to the new return of Napster in Steven Grant's PERMANENT DAMAGE.

VIVA LAS VEGAS: Granov talks Iron Man

CBR News talks to superstar artist Adi Granov about his work on Marvel Studios' "Iron Man" movie as well as his collaboration with director Jon Favreau in the four-issue miniseries "Iron Man: Viva Las Vegas."

Augie saw the big "Iron Man" movie this weekend and shares his movie-going experience with you. Also: a major announcement, a look at the revitalized "Robin" series and free comics that you can win!

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