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What Was Wrong With 2010's Movies?

This year looks set to be the first in four years not to break records in terms of box office receipts, despite price hikes for IMAX and 3D movies. How did this happen - and what can be done to make sure it doesn't happen again next year?

The Science of Iron Man at Caltech

Scientists and Hollywood Special Effects experts gathered at Caltech to discuss the real world science and technical wizardry behind "Iron Man 2" and present extended scenes from the "Iron Man 2" home video release.

Why Can't Wonder Woman Get Her Own Movie?

I'm just going to go ahead and say it: I think that Marvel's Black Widow is the most important female super-hero out there right now. It's not because of her powers, or because of her history, but because she's looking like the most likely candidate for first female super-hero to get her own movie anytime soon, now that DC has seemingly relegated Wonder Woman to television. Is it just me, or is something wrong with this picture?

Raytheon Reveals Robotic Exosuit

With the arrival of "Iron Man 2" on DVD, CBR News observed a real life exoskeleton at the Raytheon Sarcos facility. Like Tony Stark's armor, the suit will increase the operator's strength, endurance and agility.

Thor, Red, Scott Pilgrim: July 14th Comic Reel

A photo of Odin arrives to usher in "Thor" 3D! Helen Mirren continues toting firearms in new "Red" poster. A new "Scott Pilgrim" featurette, a "Green Hornet" set visit, "The Runaways" to shoot in January and more.

Is Green Lantern Already In His Second Movie?

Expectations are already high for next year's Green Lantern movie, with fans excited to see how Ryan Reynolds does in the role of test pilot-turned-space cop Hal Jordan, and whether the movie will be able to kickstart a DC Comics movieverse in the same way that Marvel's Iron Man is leading to The Avengers. But am I the only person who worries that Green Lantern has somehow skipped to its own sequel?

No More Tony Stark Until 2012

Waiting to see Tony Stark appear in Thor or The First Avenger: Captain America? You might want to save yourself the disappointment; director Jon Favreau has confirmed that movie audiences won't see the character again until 2012's Avengers.

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