independence day

Five All-American Movies To Enjoy This July 4th

Happy Independence Day, Americans! As you enjoy your day off work, planning barbecues in the sun and/or tossing footballs around with friends in celebration of no longer being part of the British colonies - Trust me, as a former British citizen, I know how that freedom feels firsthand - I thought that perhaps I could suggest some movies to watch to complete that warm, warm glow of patriotism in your heart. Five All-American Movies To Go? I think so.

Why Can't US History Work On Television?

It's July 4th tomorrow, an important day - the most important? - for America, but one that's been curiously untouched for the most part by movies or television. It's not as if historical fiction/retellings are an unpopular genre in other media, so why don't we see that much of it onscreen?