incredible hercules


Marvel Comics has unleashed a first look inside their next event which sees gods from Hercules to Thor clash as the Chaos King revives waves of dead Marvel heroes to join in the fight.

A winning way for best laid plans when Dr. Doom's machinations lead to war, the Prince of Power surprises, Jericho Drumm goes out strong and Wade Wilson decides to take Manhattan in a week of comics that wins in spite of itself.

Things are looking pretty good this week as this column's reviewer turns 37 which in turn means an abbreviated column that features the king of magic, a transdimensional spy, a demigod and a nice day for a Fable-filled baseball game.

The Great Sadness takes hold for the holidays as an inexpensive week is overwhelmed by comics that barely manage to whelm, with event comics, commentary tracks and other business taking center stage.

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