Marvel Comics has released an advance look at the third issue of Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev's critically acclaimed creator-owned Icon Comics series, "Scarlet," due in stores Wednesday, November 3.

SUPERIOR WEEK: Superior Unveiled

CBR has your first look at the completed cover for Mark Millar and Leinil Yu's next creator-owned Icon comic as well as the details on the issue's price and the winner who gave his name to the hero.

SUPERIOR WEEK: Leinil Francis Yu

The artist behind the latest Mark Millar written series describes designing an old timey twist on the Superman model, explains why he wants to keep it creator-owned and shares exclusive art from inside "Superior."


CBR gets up close and personal with Mark Millar's latest creator-owned effort as the writer explains how the tale goes beyond the Superman myth, what inspired its hopeful, emotional tone and how Leinil Yu helps save the day.

Mark Millar Kicks More Ass

With the incoming sequel to he and John Romita Jr.'s creator-owned comic-turned-movie, "Kick-Ass," Mark Millar goes "Balls To The Wall" with a new viral superteam, a sidekick for Red Mist and more.

ADVANCE PREVIEW: "Casanova" #3

Marvel Comics has released and advance look at "Casanova" #3 by the critically acclaimed team of Matt Fraction, Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba. The third chapter of the remastered series hits stores September 22.

Millar Details His "Nemesis" Deal

Though it will be his third comics-to-film adaptation, comics creator Mark Millar didn't try hard to land his supervillain serial "Nemesis" with major director Tony Scott - it just kind of happened that way.

ADVANCE PREVIEW: "Casanova" #1

Marvel has released a preview for the first Icon-branded issue of "Casanova," Matt Fraction, Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon's critically acclaimed title, now in full color! The remastered series hits stores July 8.

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