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BCC: DC Comics' Sunday Conversation

DC Comics Executive Story Editor Ian Sattler and "Supergirl" writer Sterling Gates stepped in for the absent Dan DiDio at the traditional Sunday Conversation at Baltimore Comic-Con, and CBR was there.

CCI: DC's Event Horizon Panel

DC Comics editor Ian Sattler moderated a panel packed with announcements and creators including J. Michael Straczynski, Gail Simone, James Robinson and more at Comic-Con International.

CCI: DC Universe

Ian Sattler and a host of DC creators discussed the wide range of events in DC Comics' future, including "Brightest Day," "JL: Generation Lost," "THUNDER Agents," "Static" Vertigo characters in the DCU and more

BCC: DC's Sunday Conversation

DC's Ian Sattler was joined by Franco, Len Wein and others to drop a little knowledge and have a lot of fun on the last day of the Baltimore Comic-Con, teasing a new project from Wein, verifying more "Jonah Hex" collections & more.

CCC09: DC Comics' Sunday Conversation

Obscure '80s characters coming back, DC's space heroes stepping up strong, and new plans for the Batman and Superman franchises took the spotlight at the traditional fan discussion panel, and CBR was there.