The Art of Inking Jim Lee

The true star of "Batman Hush Unwrapped" is the artist whose work isn't included in the book: inker Scott Williams. Take a look at some sample panels with Augie and see how much an inker adds to the final comic product.

NYCC: Beechen Takes Batman "Beyond"

With the continuing adventures of future Dark Knight Terry McGinnis officially on the slate for January, the writer behind the hit mini, Adam Beechen, explained his plans for expanding the world of "Batman Beyond."

Beechen's "Batman Beyond" of Two Worlds

Writer Adam Beechen opens up to CBR about how he made the future of Batman's animated world jibe with DC continuity, his thoughts on an ongoing and where the mystery of Hush Beyond will lead in this week's issue #4.


Paul Dini returns to talk about his DC Comics work, including his run on "Detective Comics," his thoughts on "Batman R.I.P.," what team book he would like to write, and his ideas for reforming Batman's rogues' gallery.

Dini Cuts Into "The Heart of Hush"

"Detective Comics" writer Paul Dini talks to CBR about "The Heart of Hush," a new five-part arc that sees the return of Hush and ties-in to "Batman R.I.P." Will Hush be the one to finish the Batman, or even succeed him?