Watching The Ripples of "Age of Ultron"

This week, with the big finale of Brian Michael Bendis' "Age of Ultron" on stands, Marvel E-i-C Axel Alonso addresses the publishing follow up from Angela's arrival to "Hunger" and beyond.

Bendis & Fialkov Grow Ultimate "Hunger"

In the wake of "Age of Ultron," the Ultimate Universe is getting a new denizen in the form of the towering cosmic god called Galactus, and Brian Bendis and Joshua Fialkov explain why "Hunger" was the right story for a new crossover.

Expanding Marvel Past "Age of Ultron"

Marvel E-i-C Axel Alonso digs deep into the whys and wherefores of expanding the Marvel U from "Age of Ultron's" birth of "Hunger" to Iron Man's connection to "Guardians of the Galaxy."