If a publisher releases a book and nobody notices, is it bad news for Humanoids? How long should a company wait to release a trade? Finally, take a trip back to 2005 with Augie to see what was hot 5 years ago.

Just what is the deal with Marvel and DC's royalty programs? Why were last week's war of royalty words ironic and semantic? Are retailers really to blame? And, finally, Augie surmises that competition is good!

News of Humanoids canceling two series due to low sales and promising smaller sized collections pushes Augie to point to more things wrong with the Direct Market today and how Humanoids might help to fix them.

What is the role of the iPad in comics today? Replacement? Outreach? Fad? Should comics change to fit the format? Also: Humanoids returns this spring with "Bouncer," so Augie looks back at the first two volumes.

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