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Hickman's "FF" Continues in November

Despite November seeing Marvel Comics' "Fantastic Four" return with the publication of #600, the publisher today announced that Jonathan Hickman's spinoff title "FF" will continue as well.

Marvel Announces "Fantastic Four" #600

With (appropriately enough) the release of a fourth teaser image, Marvel Comics has formally announced the return of "Fantastic Four" in November with #600, a "quadruple-sized" issue.

Marvel Releases Third "Four" Teaser

Today's teaser for the November-hitting Fantastic Four-themed project helmed by current "FF" writer Jonathan Hickman features a Joe Quesada-drawn shot of the original FF.

Will the Human Torch Return in November?

In its second teaser of the day, Marvel hints at the possible return of the Human Torch to the Marvel Universe with an image consisting solely of the Fantastic Four's icon set against a satellite shot of the Earth.

Marvel's Next Big Thing: The Iron Age

Writer Rob Williams and editor Tom Brennan team up to explain the ins and outs of the upcoming Iron Man epic "The Iron Age" in Marvel's latest "Next Big Thing" call, revealing the full creative teams and more.

ADVANCE PREVIEW: "Fantastic Four" #588

Marvel Comics has released an advance look at "Fantastic Four" #588 by writer Jonathan Hickman and artists Nick Dragotta and Mark Brooks with an Alan Davis cover. The final issue of the series hits stores February 23.

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