how to train your dragon

CCI: Dragons: Riders of Berk Panel

During their Comic-Con International presentation for Dragons: Riders of Berk, the upcoming series based on the 2010 hit How to Train Your Dragon, Cartoon Network and DreamWorks Animation revealed Mark Hamill will lend his voice to a new villain.

What Was Wrong With 2010's Movies?

This year looks set to be the first in four years not to break records in terms of box office receipts, despite price hikes for IMAX and 3D movies. How did this happen - and what can be done to make sure it doesn't happen again next year?

Tangled Is The New Dragon?

A surprisingly well-reviewed animated family movie that manages to grow in popularity after its first week of release...? It's not How To Train Your Dragon, but Disney's Tangled, which knocked Harry Potter from the top of the box office in its second week.

Get Weekly Lessons In How To Train Your Dragon

Not content with being a kids movie that melted the hearts of many cynical adults, DreamWorks Animation's How To Train Your Dragon is about to make the jump from the big screen to the weekly grind of television with its new series on Cartoon Network.

The CBR Review: "How To Train Your Dragon"

"How to Train Your Dragon" has beautiful animation and some of the best flying sequences ever on film. The story offers little new to older viewers, but children will enjoy the legendary winged beasts.

How to Cast Your Dragon

The voice talent of DreamWorks' upcoming "How To Train Your Dragon" sat down to discuss their contribution to the film, the challenge of performing with only a voice, the careful use of Scottish accents and more.

How to Make Your Dragon

The directors, producer, and original writer of "How To Train Your Dragon" spoke with the press last Friday and CBR News was there as they discussed adapting the book, franchise hopes, and Scottish accents.