Why Can't US History Work On Television?

It's July 4th tomorrow, an important day - the most important? - for America, but one that's been curiously untouched for the most part by movies or television. It's not as if historical fiction/retellings are an unpopular genre in other media, so why don't we see that much of it onscreen?

USA Continues To Dominate American Cable

For the fifth year running, the USA Network was the most watched cable channel in America - and there was just as much change in the rest of the top 5, with this year's most watched channels matching last year's. Are we stuck in our ways?

Meltzer Gets "Decoded"

Novelist and award-winning comic scribe Brad Meltzer takes the biggest mysteries from his notes and spins them into a new History Channel series uncovering secrets from the White House to the grave of John Wilkes Booth.

Committed: Introduction

There's nothing cool or sexy about reading comics. I mean it, and I should know, I've been reading them all my life, since I could only understand the pictures and wonder what the hell the words meant...

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