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FAN EXPO: X-Men Panel

Marvel cast and crew including C.B. Cebulski, Steve Wacker, Leonard Kirk, and Valentine DeLandro met with fans at Fan Expo Canada to discuss current X-Men happenings and hint at new roles for fan-favorite characters.

ADVANCE PREVIEW: "HA: Prince of Power" #3

Marvel Comics has released an advance preview for "Heroic Age: Prince of Power" #3 by Greg Pak, Fred Van Lente and Reilly Brown with a cover by Carlo Pagulayan. The issue hits stores July 21.

Heinberg Leads The "Children's Crusade"

Acclaimed writer Allan Heinberg opens up about the long-awaited return of the Young Avengers in July's "Avengers: The Children's Crusade" in Marvel's latest "Next Big Thing" conference call with all-new art from Jim Cheung.

Marvel's Modern Vampire Epic

Promoted as the publisher's "Next Big Thing," Marvel's "Curse of the Mutants" promises a war between mutants and vampires including a reinvention of the latter as Gischler, Alonso and Brevoort explain.

Staring down the Heroic Age, Tim takes a look at two recent comic series reboots - Bendis's "Avengers" and Levitz's "Legion of Super-Heroes" - and explores how they intersect both with each other and the past.

Gillen Sends "Thor" to Hell

Kieron Gillen has big plans for the final issues of his run on Marvel's "Thor," pitting the Thunder God against his genocidal clone, Ragnarok, and weaving a story that literally puts his protagonist through Hell.

Death of Dracula Damns Marvel's Heroic Age

Marvel Comics has released a teaser ad declaring, "One Betrayal Damns The Heroic Age" along with the title and solicitation for "Death of Dracula", written by Victor Gischler and illustrated by Guiseppe Camuncoli.

FIRST LOOK: "Fantastic Four" #579

Marvel Comics has given CBR an exclusive new teaser page from "Fantastic Four" # 579, along with the statement "The future of man is not here... it is out there." The issue hits stores May 26, 2010.

First Look: Luke Cage's Thunderbolts

UPDATED: Marvel Comics shared an exclusive first look at the designs for the new Heroic Age cast of "Thunderbolts" while Jeff Parker AND artist Kev Walker explained how Luke Cage's team of criminals are working for redemption.

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