HeroesCon: Mark Waid & George Perez

Borrowing a page from film critic Roger Ebert's playbook, Heroes Discussion Group leader Andy Mansell convinced Mark Waid & George Perez to spend an hour at HeroesCon to breakdown "The Brave & the Bold" #4.

HeroesCon: The X-Babies Return!

In fall of 2009, the ultra alternate reality tikes with the X-Men's faces crossover with Marvel's long lost Star characters in a four-issue series from Gregg Schigiel and Jacob Chabot called "X-Babies."

HeroesCon: Yost Talks Psylocke Mini

The mind-bending mutant ninja gets a new lease on life by exploring her own death in a revenge-fueled series from writer Christopher Yost, who talks to CBR News about Marvel's new "Psylocke" miniseries.

HeroesCon: Carey on X-Men: Legacy

In September's "X-Men: Legacy Annual," Mike Carey sends Rogue on a new mission with the next and possibly last generation of Mutants. CBR News spoke with Carey about "Legacy's" new direction.

HeroesCon: Longbox Digital Comics

Formally unveiled at HeroesCon, Longbox hopes to do for comics what iTunes did for music. We spoke with mastermind Rantz Hoseley, who also edited Image's Tori Amos-inspired "Comic Book Tattoo," about the software.

HeroesCon: DC Nation

Ethan Van Sciver and Mark Bagley joined DC editors Ian Sattler and Brian Cunningham to discuss "JLA" and "Blackest Night," tease info about a special Black Lantern, answer fan questions and debut a printed copy of "Wednesday Comics."

HeroesCon: "Dark Reign: The List" Panel

Marvel's "Dark Reign: The List" announcement at HeroesCon coincided with their Philly announcement of the same project as Bendis, Hickman and Fraction teamed up to discuss the project.

HeroesCon: The DC Comics Panel

The DCU panel at HeroesCon gave attendees a glimpse into the creative process as shared by Senior Editor Ian Sattler, "Supergirl" artist Jamal Igle, "Batman: Streets of Gotham" artist Dustin Nguyen and editor Brian Cunningham.

HeroesCon: Pint O' C.B. Report

At HeroesCon's Pint O' C.B. Panel on Friday, Mark Waid, Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction and Brian Michael Bendis were on hand to talk about their Marvel Comics projects, including a new "New Avengers" artist and more.

HeroesCon: Waid Talks "Strange"

Doctor Strange may no longer be Sorcerer Supreme, but he's not done exploring and protecting the mystical side of the Marvel Universe. CBR spoke with spoke with Mark Waid about "Strange," a 4-issue mini kicking off in November.

HeroesCon: Remender On "Doctor Voodoo"

When the Marvel Universe is under siege from the supernatural, it's time to page Jericho Drumm, Sorcerer Supreme and star of the new "Doctor Voodoo" ongoing series. CBR News spoke with writer Rick Remender about the project.

HeroesCon: Vengeance of the Moon Knight!

Crime novelist Gregg Hurwitz and artist Jerome Opeña take the lunar vigilante into an all-new, vengeful series placed squarely in the Marvel Universe. We spoke with Hurwitz about "Vengeance of the Moon Knight."