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Napton Raises the "Son of Merlin"

"Warlord of Mars" writer and Avengelyne co-creator Robert Napton mixes science with magic in the modern day miniseries "Son of Merlin" from Heroes and Villains and Top Cow.

McCarthy Gets Epic with "Epoch"

Kevin McCarthy teams with artist Paolo Pantalena for "Epoch," a new Top Cow/HVE series that sees the long-hidden world of demons and monsters revealed and CBR has exclusive art.

Exploring "Netherworld" With Levin & Hill

Rob Levin and Bryan Edward Hill team up with Heroes And Villains Entertainment, Top Cow and artist Tony Shasteen to accompany readers to "Netherworld" for a horror-tinged private eye story set in a sunless city.

Top Cow Introduces Heroes & Villains

The founders of Heroes & Villains Entertainment, a production company teamed with Top Cow, spoke with CBR about their plans for the comics industry and beyond, including their November-debuting series, "Tracker."

Top Cow & HVE Team to Create "Tracker"

Heroes and Villains Entertainment and Top Cow Productions have formed a new creative alliance and announced their first project, the werewolf story "Tracker" by Jonathan Lincoln and Francis Tsai.