goran sudzuka

Daredevil #8

In "Daredevil" #8, Charles Soule and Goran Sudzuka give us a high-stakes Texas Hold 'Em tournament in Macau and prove that sometimes you don't need to see cards to know what's in front of you.

Thors #3

Jason Aaron, Chris Sprouse and Goran Sudzuka's "Thors" #3 digs deeper into the case of the dead Jane Fosters.

Thors #2

The Thors avenge and investigate in Jason Aaron, Chris Sprouse and Goran Sudzuka's in "Thors" #2.

Why, It's "Y The Last Man"

Augie finally catches up on reading "Y The Last Man" and raves over Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra's seminal Vertigo series. This week, he examines why it works, down to the lettering and coloring.

Douglas Rushkoff Levels Up in "A.D.D."

Noted media theorist and "Program or Be Programmed" author Douglas Rushkoff returns to comics with the Vertigo graphic novel "A.D.D.: Adolescent Demo Division." We spoke with him about the book and the big ideas behind it.