Ghosts of Doctors Past

Ghosts of Doctors Past, 5: "The End of Time"

If you think that "The End of Time" sounds like a grandiose title, then you should see the story itself, with the show trying to send the Tenth Doctor off in epic style with the return of all manner of familiar faces and the tying-up of all manner of loose ends. Shame that it really doesn't come together that well, then.

Ghosts of Doctors Past, 4: "The Next Doctor"

It took four years for Doctor Who to go into the Christmas Past, but "The Next Doctor" proved to be worth the wait, with snow, orphans, a mystery that doesn't outstay its welcome and a giant steampunk-esque Cyberman rampaging across London. It doesn't get more festive than that!

Ghost of Doctors Past, 3: "Voyage of The Damned"

Scary mechanical angels and Kylie Minogue replace the council estates of the previous two Doctor Who Christmas Specials in "Voyage of The Damned," but somehow, it ends up more festive than when we were on Earth and in the middle of the holiday sales. How exactly did that happen...?

Ghosts of Doctors Past, 2: "The Runaway Bride"

If pressed, I think I'd have to say that "The Runaway Bride" is my favorite of all the David Tennant Doctor Who Christmas Specials. It is also probably the least Christmassy of all the David Tennant Doctor Who Christmas Specials. Coincidence? Or something more sinister?

Ghosts of Doctors Past, 1: "The Christmas Invasion"

Thanksgiving is over, which can mean only one thing: The countdown to the next Doctor Who Christmas Special is officially underway. What, you thought there was more to the festive period than that...? Well, okay, you're right, but each Sunday (and one Saturday) between now and Christmas, I'll be revisiting the past six Who Christmas specials nonetheless, to help get you in the right mood for "The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe" on December 25th. This week: "The Christmas Invasion"!