Abnett & and Lanning "Infest" IDW

With an "Infestation" set to rip through IDW's licensed titles in January in the publisher's first crossover, CBR spoke with writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning about the event and their "Transformers" tie-in.

CBR Demos Ghostbusters: The Video Game

"Ghostbusters: The Video Game" will be hitting shelves for all major platforms this week, and CBR got the lowdown from Red Fly Studios' James Clarendon about what makes the Wii version of the game unique.

CBR Games Roundup: NYCC 2099 Edition

CBR News was on hand at New York Comic Con to try out the plethora of new video games coming to consoles in the new year, including "DC Universe Online," "Ghostbusters" "Jumpgate Evolution" and much more.

IDW Titles On Sale December 17, 2008

Courtesy of IDW, CBR brings you advance looks at new titles on sale this week including "Angel: After the Fall" #15, "Fallen Angel" #33, "Transformers: The Revenge of the Fallen Movie Prequel: Destiny: Alliance" #1 and more.

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