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Joss Whedon Does Star Wars: Good Idea or the Best Idea?

It's May 4th tomorrow, a day that traditionally just means we should be thinking about all things Star Wars, but let's face it: Everyone is thinking about Marvel's The Avengers instead. Which got me thinking: Would both the internet and fandom assembled collapse in on itself if Joss Whedon was handed the reins of George Lucas' grand space opera?

Han Never Shot First, Lucas Says

Ahead of the 3D release of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, George Lucas tweaks some of the saga's outspoken fans by setting the record straight: Greedo always shot first.

Tatooine, Behind the Scenes

Back in 1982, an enterprising young sleuth snapped a slew of behind-the-scenes pictures during the filming of the Sarlaac scene in Return of the Jedi.

Star Wars Getting Re-Edited Again? Good!

George Lucas didn't rape my childhood. With all the furor and outrage over even more changes being made to the Star Wars movies for the Blu-ray editions, I know that I'm supposed to get all upset again that the movies are being taken even further away from the originals, but... I just can't be bothered. No, even worse than that: I don't understand why people are getting upset about it.


In the latest POP!, George and Lucasfilm's J.W. Rinzler discussed the newly released "Star Wars Art: Visions" which features the Star Wars universe as seen through the eyes of many comic book, pop and other artists.

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