games roundup

CBR Games Roundup: March, 2011

Crank down the thermostat in the house because March has a hot line-up of video-games that will warm gaming hearts everywhere including "Dragon Age 2," "Homefront," "MLB 11 The Show" and more.

CBR Games Roundup: January, 2011

Some big titles will be hitting store shelves at the start of the new year, and it all begins with DC Comics' massively multiplayer adventure running through the streets of Metropolis, Gotham and beyond.

CBR Games Roundup: December 2010

December is a sparse month when it comes to noteworthy, top-tier titles, but there are still a few releases in the pipeline that help make the holidays bright for gamers, not the least of which is "WoW: Cataclysm."

CBR Games Roundup: November 2010

With one major release being delayed until 2011, November's offerings are somewhat lean, but that doesn't mean there's no A-list titles shipping with "Epic Mickey and "Call of Duty" hitting the pre-holiday shelves.

CBR Games Roundup: October 2010

While the weather is cooling down outside, the action is heating up on gaming platforms with popular franchises releasing new adventures, including "Fable III," "Catlevania: Lords of Shadow," "Medal of Honor" and more.

CBR Games Roundup: August 2010

After a relatively quiet July, the CBR Games Roundup is back to look at the slate of video games arriving in the month of August with "Shank," "Metroid: Other M" and "Madden NFL 11" among this month's highlights.

CBR Games Roundup: June 2010

The CBR Games Roundup is back again to take a look at June's new video game releases. Among this month's highlights are "Transformers: War for Cybertron," "Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker" "Backbreaker," and "APB."