Elektra Is An X-Man?

Marvel's "We are the X-Men" themed teaser image for today teams the popular X-Man Gambit with the Marvel U's premiere ninja assassin, Elektra along with the now familiar news directing fans to Sunday's C2E2 panel.

CCI: "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2" Video, Pics

Activision has released new video from their highly anticipated "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2," featuring Gambit and Jean Grey in action as well as screengrabs from the game featuring Deadpool, Iron Fist and more

Mike Carey's X-Men Gambit

In this in-depth interview, CBR News speaks with writer Mike Carey about Gambit's past in "X-Men Origins: Gambit" as well as the Cajun mutant's present and future in "X-Men: Legacy."

With "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" opening this weekend, Chris Claremont and Mike Collins join George for a look back at Remy LeBeau, the Cajun mutant better known as Gambit.

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