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Gail Simone on Planet Karen Benefit Auction

"Planet Karen" creator Karen Ellis lost her home and nearly all her possessions in a fire last week, and Gail Simone and other members of the comics community are appealing to readers to participate in a benefit auction for Ellis.

LiveJournal Shuts Down Scans_Daily

The popular online comics community Scans_Daily has been suspended by host LiveJournal for publishing copyrighted materials without permission, a necessary function of the community. CBR's ROBOT 6 & CSBG report.

NYCC: Steve Gerber Memorial

Mark Evanier, Gail Simone, Paul Levitz and many more friends, family and colleagues of the late Steve Gerber gathered in New York to honor the venerable creator and share memories and stories about his life.

NYCC: DC Nation

CBR was live from the DC Nation panel at New York Comic Con with Geoff Johns, Dan DiDio, Jann Jones, Keith Giffen, Jim Starlin, Justin Gray, Gail Simone and more!

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