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CCI: DC's Event Horizon Panel

DC Comics editor Ian Sattler moderated a panel packed with announcements and creators including J. Michael Straczynski, Gail Simone, James Robinson and more at Comic-Con International.

CCI: DC Comic Writers Unite!

James Robinson, Gail Simone, J. Michael Straczynski, Denny O'Neil and Paul Levitz gathered for their Comic-Con International panel to talk about their experiences and answer questions about writing for DC Comics.

CCI: DC Universe

Ian Sattler and a host of DC creators discussed the wide range of events in DC Comics' future, including "Brightest Day," "JL: Generation Lost," "THUNDER Agents," "Static" Vertigo characters in the DCU and more

Simone Unleashes "Birds of Prey" 2.0

Gail Simone spoke with CBR News about the relaunch of "Birds of Prey" with Ed Benes, what adding Hawk to the team means to the team and which major Bat-villain joins the fray. Here's a hint: This bird can't fly.

WC10: DCU Editorial Presentation

DC Comics' brightest stars answered fans' questions about the futures of their favorite characters at WonderCon during the DCU Editorial Presentation, including word on Green Arrow, Batwoman and more.

WC10: Gail Simone

The outgoing "Wonder Woman" writer met with fans in San Francisco for a WonderCon panel detailing her beginnings in the comics industry to her newest gig, re-launching DC's "Birds of Prey" in June.

WC10: Comic Writers Unite!

Top DC Comics writers Geoff Johns, Jimmy Palmiotti, Gail Simone, and more share details of their creative writing process during a Saturday panel at WonderCon, also revealing their remedies for writers' block.

Gail Simone Leaves "Wonder Woman"

The fan-favorite writer and passionate Wonder Woman fan steps aside from her roll in ushering the adventures of Princess Diana and rolls out two in depth farewells for fans including one for her Wonder of Wonders column.

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