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Hardman Makes Movies and Monsters

When Gabriel Hardman isn't bringing Jeff Parker's "Hulk" scripts to life, he's busy working as a storyboard artist on some of Hollywood's biggest blockbusters. The artist spoke with CBR News about his dual life.

Parker Plots a General Strike in "Hulk"

When Jeff Parker and Gabriel Hardman began their run on "Hulk," the creators forced the title character, the Red Hulk. upon to the road to redemption -- a bumpy road that's about to get much, much rougher.

Parker & Hardman's "Hulk" Gets .1 Issue

Marvel Comics has announced Jeff Parker & Gabriel Hardman's "Hulk" series to be next in line for the publisher's new reader friendly .1 marketing initiative. "Hulk" #30.1, introducing General Fortean, hits in March.


Marvel has released an advance look at "Hulk" #27 by Jeff Parker, Gabriel Hardman and Mark Robinson with a cover by original "Hulk" artist Ed McGuinness! The saga of Red Hulk continues on November 17!

Parker & Hardman See Red with "Hulk"

Jeff Parker and Gabriel Hardman began their run on "Hulk" this week by sending the Red Hulk to stop the doomsday schemes of the villainous Intelligencia. We spoke with the creators about their plans for the series.


Marvel Comics has released an early look at the upcoming "Hulk" #25, the next phase in the story of the Red Hulk's redemption as told by the "Atlas" team of Jeff Parker and Gabriel Hardman.

CCI: Parker Sees Red "Hulk"

For his first solo arc in a new era for Marvel's "Hulk," writer Jeff Parker reteams with Gabriel Hardman to tell a story of redemption for the Red Hulk while tweaking the franchise's classic anti-hero origins.

Parker Remaps Marvel's "Atlas"

This May, Marvel Comics' most eclectic super team is back in the new ongoing series "Atlas." CBR spoke with writer Jeff Parker about his plans for Jimmy Woo and friends now that a new "Heroic Age" is dawning in the Marvel Universe.

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