fury max

Cover of the Week - May 29

This week, "Elephantmen" gets spiritual (and a little violent), "Fury MAX" plants its roots, The Shadow is unwrapped, "Uncanny X-Force" gets dreamy, and the X-Men takes their last stand ... against boys.

Teasing Out Marvel NOW!

This week, Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso puts the latest wave of Marvel NOW! teasers in context, sharing title they'll be taking over for and new art from "Avengers," "Captain Marvel" and "FuryMAX."

Covers of the Week -- August, 1

This week Hazmat blows her top, Matt and Foggy go their separate ways, Nick Fury takes aim, the Beasts of Burden cast a creepy shadow, and Clint Barton shoots an arrow into the air (it falls to earth he knows not where).

Covers of the Week -- June 6

This week, Ali Baba relaxes, Nick Fury ... doesn't, Polaris, Siryn and Wolfsbane hit the road, Nite Owl holds the key, and Jonathan Hickman gives us a hand. Or at least part of a finger.

Covers of the Week -- May 16

In this week's installment of Cover of the Week, dancing turns deadly, 1950s Indo-China turns sexy, ghosts get gross, close encounters get furry and the Shadow knows twice as much.

Movie Maneuvers & Creator Returns

Marvel E-i-C Axel Alonso discusses how "Avengers" stars like Agent Coulson and one more player are making their mark on the Marvel U and Garth Ennis and Alan Davis' plans for "FuryMAX" and "ClanDestine." Plus exclusive art!

Covers of the Week -- May 2

This week brings a grim fairy tale, a journey into Nick Fury's past, a visit with an adorable ghost, a flood of purple flowers and an up-close introduction to Matt Murdock's date. Plus, April's Cover of the Month!

MARVEL A-I-C: A Day Inside Marvel HQ

CBR stops by Marvel's Manhattan offices to rap with Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso about summits, new talent like Brian Wood and long simmering comics like "DD: End of Days" and Garth Ennis' "Fury."