Recap | Fringe: 'Amber 31422'

Olivia Dunham and the alternate Fringe Division investigate the case of a man rescued from amber in the latest episode of Fringe, titled "Amber 31422."

Fringe | Remember The Ambered

What happens to those that have been trapped in amber? The answer may lie in a new viral website called Ambered Relief, which may play a role in the next episode of Fringe, titled "Amber 31422."

CCI: The Fringe Panel

Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, John Noble and the rest of the Fringe cast engaged their fans with a special panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego, discussing the upcoming third season's twists and turns.

Interview: Leonard Nimoy On The Fringe Set

Spinoff Online spoke with Leonard Nimoy on the set of Fringe in Vancouver. The Star Trek actor discussed his work as shadowy scientist William Bell, his considerable appearance in the upcoming season finale and much more.

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