Fringe Flourishes On Friday Nights

After weeks and months of nervous nail biting, Fringe fans can rest easy knowing that the show performed fantastically during its first night in the new Friday time slot.

Recap | Fringe, 'The Firefly'

The midseason return of Fringe marks the show's first night in its new Friday time slot, and it was well worth the watch thanks to Christopher Lloyd's stunning performance, surprising revelations from the Observer and more.

Can Fox's Human Target Make It To Season 3?

Is it time to say goodbye to Human Target? Two weeks of pre-emption doesn't look good, after all, and switching broadcast days without notice is a sure way to lose viewers. So is there reason to be slightly hopeful about the future of Christopher Chance? And if so, why?

Recap | Fringe: Marionette

In an effort to get back into the swing of things, agent Olivia Dunham returns to work alongside the Fringe team as they investigate a man who is stealing organs to reanimate a long lost love. Meanwhile, Olivia struggles with the revelation of Peter and Bolivia's recently terminated relationship.

Fringe Goes To Fridays By Way Of Firefly

Fringe airs its midseason finale this week, but when it returns on January 21, 2011, it'll come back with a provocative episode title that some might see as a wink and nod to the new Friday night time slot.

Recap | Fringe: Entrada

A major milestone in both the season and the series was reached on tonight's all-new episode of Fringe — but progress doesn't come without its costs, and this time, it came at the expense of a main character's life.

Recap | Fringe: The Abducted

The latest episode of Fringe deals with Olivia's latest attempt to return to her home universe, thanks to some help from an old friend. But her journey home is complicated by the arrival of a serial kidnapper with deep ties to Colonel Broyles.

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