Fringe Season Five: Five Questions About "The Recordist"

Friday night's Fringe followed up on the revelation that there were tapes out there explaining how to save the human race in the only way possible: Getting our heroes out of the city, and back to nature. Not that they were alone out there, of course. Here are five questions about this week's "The Recordist."

Fringe Season Five: Five Questions About "In Absentia"

Our second week in the year 2036 saw Peter and Olivia struggling to come to terms with what has happened in their absence, and just what their daughter has turned into. As we also try to get used to the future, we have some questions of our own. Five of them, in fact, about last night's "In Absentia."

Fringe Season Five: Five Things To Know Before Next Week

Fox's Fringe returns for its fifth and final season next Friday, jumping into the future to wrap up the series by giving us the showdown between humanity and the Observers... not to mention a Walter Bishop just a little unlike any we've seen before. Here are the five things you need to know before next week's season premiere.

5 September TV Returns We Can't Wait to Watch

It's been a long summer, but September is almost here - and with it, the start of the new fall season of television. New shows! Old favorites! They're all here, which means that we're cheating with the regular recommendations of five shows to keep an eye out for this time. Today, we're giving you five season premieres of returning shows to tune into, and on Saturday, five all-new shows you might want to check out. Let's revisit some old friends first, shall we?

Fringe Season 5: 5 Questions About The Time Jump Ahead

If comments from actor John Noble are to be believed, the fifth and final season of Fringe will take place almost exclusively in the far future that first appeared in the fourth season episode "Letters of Transit." We're still months away from the season premiere, but nonetheless: It's time for five questions about this development.

Fringe Loses Co-Showrunner

Jeff Pinkner, who has helped to guide Fringe since Season 2, has stepped down as co-showrunner as the Fox sci-fi drama heads into its 13-episode final season.

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