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WC12: Tieri Launches "Space: Punisher"

Frank Tieri outlines his plans for "Space: Punisher," in which a re-imagined Frank Castle takes on a mysterious space mafia, Hulk as a cosmic Moby Dick, and the dangerous Avengers Federation.

Tieri Gets Mythic with "Wolverine/Hercules"

In "Wolverine/Hercules: Myths, Monsters, and Mutants," the titular heroic hell raisers must contend with vengeance seeking villains, and a horde of undead monsters. We spoke with writer Frank Tieri about the project.

Tieri Talks "Wolverine: Mr. X"

The telepathic serial killer Mr. X is out for revenge on the first person to ever defeat him in the one-shot "Wolverine: Mr. X", which is in stores this week. We spoke with writer Frank Tieri about the project.

Tieri Tackles Wolverine, Spidey and More

Frank Tieri's work involves mystery, mayhem, and menace, and this month sees the release of two books with all of those things: "Web of Spider-Man" #4 and a "Wolverine: Wendigo!" one-shot. We spoke with the writer about them.

PREVIEW: "Wolverine Vs. Thor"

Courtesy of Marvel, CBR brings you an advance look at "Wolverine Vs. Thor," a new web comic from writer Frank Tieri and artist Paco Diaz that debuts next week on Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited.

CCC09: Tieri Talks Wolverine

Frank Tieri talks to CBR News about his two returning to Marvel's Mighty Mutant in two upcoming projects, "Wolverine: Mr. X" and "Wolverine Vs. Thor," both of which were announced last weekend in Chicago.

NYCC: "Punisher Noir's" Gangland Glory

This August, Frank Tieri and Paul Azaceta will spin a new legend for the Marvel Universe's crime-killing anti-hero by placing the Punisher in the era of Al Capone, Bugsy Malone and Dutch Schutz when Frank Castle goes "Noir."

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