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Mark Millar Expands His Image Universe

On the heels of "Jupiter's Legacy," Mark Millar is making plans to expand his superhero line at Image Comics with new titles like "MPH" with Duncan Fegredo, and CBR got the details on adding to the world of "Kick-Ass."

John Byrne's "Superman" #1 Revisited

25 years ago, John Byrne rebooted Superman. Today, Augie reviews "Superman" #1 and looks at the generational differences in comics storytelling. Plus, how Apple is like CCI, why "Jupiter's Legacy" is unreadable, and more.

Frank Quitely Builds "Jupiter's Legacy"

Frank Quitely discusses his and Mark Millar's "Jupiter's Legacy," from its origins as a bar room pitch to settling into the world of creator-owned comics, designing the fashion for an entire planet and more.

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