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WC10: Image Comics

Erik Larsen, Steven T. Seagle, Joe Casey, Richard Starkings, Frank Cho and Jonathan Ross met with fans at WonderCon to discuss the next batch of projects from Image Comics, and CBR was there.

A New Life For 'New Ultimates'

Jeph Loeb explains how he and Frank Cho's long-awaited continuation of the Ultimates saga will bring bigger action, more intense personal drama and a god- like threat to the Ultimate Universe.

BCC: The Image Comics Show

Saturday in Baltimore, Image Comics and Frank Cho announced the 10 finalists for "50girls50," Kirkman discussed "The Walking Dead" and more from a host of Image creators.

CCI: Frank Cho Wants YOU On "50Girl50"

Frank Cho gives CBR the skinny on his brand new Image series, "50Girl50," and how he and the series writer, Doug Murray, plans to discover new art talent to illustrate the book under his watchful eye.

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