Image Comics On Sale June 16, 2010

Image Comics has provided CBR with advance looks at new comics on sale June 16, including "Age of Bronze" #30, "Fade to Black" #4, "Forgetless" #5, "Savage Dragon" #161, and "Shuddertown" #3!

Nick Spencer's Thriving "Existence"

CBR News spoke with Image Comics writer Nick Spencer about the midway points of "Existence 3.0" and "Forgetless," the debut of "Shuddertown," the recently announced movie deal for "Existence 2.0" and much more.

Image Comics on Sale January 6, 2010

Image Comics has provided CBR with exclusive advance looks at two new books on sale this week with nine pages from "Forgetless" #2 and seven pages from "Proof" #25 which kicks off the title's second season!

Creating a "Forgetless" Comic Book

Writer Nick Spencer and artists W. Scott Forbes, Jorge Coelho and Marley Zarcone spoke with CBR News about their process in creating "Forgetless," the new miniseries from Image Comics' Shadowline imprint.