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Review | ParaNorman

With ParaNorman, Laika has created a beautiful, endearing and frightening stop-motion classic that rivals the likes of Coraline and The Fantastic Mr. Fox.

LAIKA's Travis Knight Discusses ParaNorman and Standing Out

LAIKA President and CEO Travis Knight talks with Spinoff Online during a visit to the set of ParaNorman, the company's upcoming stop-motion animated horror/comedy about an unusual little boy who may be the only one who can save his town from the walking dead. Plus: Exclusive behind-the-scenes photos!

Review | Being Flynn

With Being Flynn, director Paul Weitz demonstrates great care in translating the life story of author Nick Flynn for the big screen, but stumbles with incongruous stylistic elements and a surprising stripping of sentiment.

New Hi-Res Images From The Eagle

Focus Features has released another round of photos from The Eagle, the Roman adventure that stars Channing Tatum and Jamie Bell as a young officer and his slave who set off into northern Britain to discover the truth about a missing legion. The movie opens on Feb. 11.

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