The Mayo Report: May 2011

John Mayo analyzes the May sales estimates, which saw numbers drop across the board despite Marvel and DC Comics' summer events being in full swing, and looks ahead to DC's September linewide relaunch.

Gates Gets "Lost" With Kid Flash

The only teen who remembers the real DC Universe lands in a future not his own as writer Sterling Gates tells CBR how "Flashpoint: Kid Flash Lost" series takes the Flash Family forward.

DC Unveils "Flashpoint" #3 Variant

The alternate universe sea king takes his battles hard as Aquaman stars in the just-released Ivan Reis/George Perez variant cover for DC Comics "Flashpoint" #3, which hits stores in early July.

Details Emerge On DC's Relaunch

CBR News uncovers some of the biggest details behind DC Comics' September relaunch, revealing the full scope of new series in the works and asking the question "Will this work for retailers and readers?"

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