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Fringe Season Five: Five Questions We May Never Get Answers For

Fox's Fringe may be taking a week off this week - Next Friday sees the return of Agent Broyles, almost ensuring that the episode will be worth the wait - but that just gives us time to think about the future of the show as we know it. After all, three episodes into the new season, we have a pretty good idea of what to expect from the rest of the year… and what not to expect. In that case, are these five questions about the show's mythology ever going to be answered?

Fringe Season Five: Five Questions About "The Recordist"

Friday night's Fringe followed up on the revelation that there were tapes out there explaining how to save the human race in the only way possible: Getting our heroes out of the city, and back to nature. Not that they were alone out there, of course. Here are five questions about this week's "The Recordist."

Fringe Season Five: Five Questions About "In Absentia"

Our second week in the year 2036 saw Peter and Olivia struggling to come to terms with what has happened in their absence, and just what their daughter has turned into. As we also try to get used to the future, we have some questions of our own. Five of them, in fact, about last night's "In Absentia."