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Review | <i>This Is the End</i>
Review | This Is the End
3 Movie News
In Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s directorial debut This Is the End, the comedic collaborators corral their friends for an end-of-days tale that doubles as a hilarious deconstruction of Tinseltown narcissism.
Who Will Be the Next Doctor?
Who Will Be the Next Doctor?
3 TV News
With the announcement that Matt Smith will exit Doctor Who following the Christmas special, speculation turns to who should succeed him as the Twelfth Doctor, who what kind of Time Lord he (or she) might be.
Review | <i>Star Trek Into Darkness</i>
Review | Star Trek Into Darkness
3 Movie News
While Star Trek Into Darkness doesn't hurt for visual spectacle, it falls short of the 2009 reboot in terms of character and plot development as J.J. Abrams & Co. focus their attentions on ratcheting up the action.
<i>Arrow’s</i> Hits and Misses
Arrow’s Hits and Misses
3 Comic News
As we head toward Wednesday's season finale of Arrow, Spinoff looks at five instances in which the show's writers have hit their target ... and five areas in which they've fallen short.
Review | <i>Oblivion</i>
Review | Oblivion
3 Movie News
Spectacular visuals and a solid main cast buoy director Joseph Kosinski's Oblivion, which is awash in derivative storylines with few surprises for anyone who's ever watched a science fiction film.
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