WC11: Aspen Comics

Aspen Comics returned to WonderCon with new announcements to share, including three "Executive Assistant Iris" spinoff series, a deal with Hollywood director McG and more. UPDATED with a new art gallery.

FIRST LOOK: "Fathom" #1

Courtesy of Aspen Comics, CBR presents an exclusive first look at the covers for "Fathom" #1. The fourth volume of Michael Turner's creation, by Scott Lobdell and Alex Konat, lands in stores May 18, 2011.

Krul Talks DC Exclusive, "Wonder Girl"

J.T. Krul has become DC Comics' newest exclusive writer and he spoke with CBR News about his new status, "Green Arrow," "Teen Titans" and his "Wonder Girl" one-shot featuring a new character named Solstice.

NYCC: Lobdell Swims With "Fathom"

Comic scribe Scott Lobdell heads into the depths of the deep blue as writer on the latest volume of Aspen Comics' popular series, "Fathom," and spoke with CBR News about taking on the title's lovely lead.

Aspen Announces Fan Expo Exclusives, Schedule

Aspen Comics has provided CBR with an exclusive look at the Fan Expo 2010 covers for "The Scourge," "Fathom: Blue Descent" and "The Aspen Splash 2010" pin-up book as wel as the publisher's schedule for the show.

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