Francis Manapul's Big "Adventure"

From the floor of Fan Expo Canada, Francis Manapul spoke with CBR about his work with Geoff Johns on "Adventure Comics," and why he feels the title is tailor made for his style, sense and sensibility.

Fan Expo: Ivan Reis Raises the Dead

From the floor of Fan Expo Canada, Ivan Reis shared with CBR his thoughts on drawing a series the size of "Blackest Night" and what it means to him that he keeps getting bigger and bigger projects from DC.

Fan Expo: Mondo Marvel

While no announcement was made about a new "Alpha Flight" book, the Canadian audience at Fan Expo was provided with a peek into the future of Marvel Comics with Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada, and CBR was there.

Fan Expo: Len Wein

The co-creator of Swamp Thing and Wolverine and the editor of "Watchmen," Len Wein was given the spotlight to talk to fans and answer questions about his storied career in the American comic book industry.

Fan Expo: Aspen Comics

Representatives from Aspen Comics met with readers at Fan Expo Canada to discuss future publishing plans and movie adaptations, touching on such titles as "Fathom," "Executive Assistant: Iris" and "Dellec."

Fan Expo: Darwyn Cooke

Canada's own Darwyn Cooke was placed in the spotlight at his very own discussion panel at Fan Expo Canada, where he discussed "Parker: The Hunter," "Jonah Hex," "The New Frontier" and more.

Fan Expo: Dan DiDio Presents the DCU

Dan DiDio leads the DC Universe Editorial Presentation Saturday at FanExpo in Toronto, Canada and shares news of Paul Dini's "Zatanna" ongoing, "Ambush Bug" #6 and a possible "Wonder Woman" #600.

Fan Expo: Black Talks "War of Gifts"

Marvel's newest "Ender's Game" one-shot, "War of Gifts," will be hitting comic book stores in December. Writer Jake Black spoke with CBR to shed some light on what fans of the series can expect in his upcoming adaptation.

Fan Expo: The Pet Avengers Bite Back

Earth's Mightiest Animals are back for another walk around the proverbial block, with original series writer Chris Eliopoulus once again holding the leash. CBR News spoke with him about the sequel, scheduled for early 2010.

Fan Expo: Guggenheim Hits The "Jackpot"

In the January 2010 mini-series "Amazing Spider-Man Presents: Jackpot," the titular heroine steps into the spotlight to battle a ghoulish criminal conspiracy. CBR News spoke with writer Marc Guggenheim about the series.

Fan Expo: "X-Factor" Turns 200

Peter David talks to CBR News about the long-running title's new shift to New York City, the introduction of a new snarky blonde and the introduction of some brand new mysteries in the post-#200 issues of "X-Factor."

Fan Expo: DC Nation Panel

At the DC Nation panel Friday during Fan Expo in Toronto Canada, DC Executive Editor Dan Didio and crew updated fans in attendance on all things "Blackest Night," "Flash," "Wonder Woman" and much more.

Talking with Fan Expo Canada's Kevin Boyd

The third largest convention in North America, Fan Expo is set to return to Toronto, Canada August 28-30. CBR spoke with Event Coordinator Kevin Boyd, who shared some more big league talent added to the guest list.