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Latest 'family guy' news

CCI | <i>Family Guy</i> Panel
CCI | Family Guy Panel
3 Comic News
Creator Seth MacFarlane and the cast of the Fox animated series teased what viewers can expect in the upcoming season, from guest appearance by Ricky Gervais and Ryan Reynolds to an episode in which Stewie and Brian travel back through time to the pilot episode.
Why Seth MacFarlane Is The Wrong Choice To Reboot <i>The Flintstones</i>
Why Seth MacFarlane Is The Wrong Choice To Reboot The Flintstones
3 Comic News
I doubt that I'm the only person who recoils in something close to horror at the news that Seth MacFarlane is going to reboot The Flintstones for Fox. It's not just the lazy thinking on behalf of the execs who greenlit the idea ("Hey! It's a name people know, and we've got this guy who already makes cartoons for us!"), it's a complete misunderstanding of what makes MacFarlane's work and The Flintstones work. Can any good come of this?
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