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WC11: Dark Horse, the Buffyverse and More

Dark Horse Comics hit Buffy Summers' new home of San Francisco to talk to an enthusiastic WonderCon crowd about the upcoming "Buffy Season Nine," "Angel & Faith," "Dollhouse," Gerard Way's "Killjoys" and more.

CCI: Gerard Way

"Umbrella Academy" creator Gerard Way spoke to a crowd of fans at Comic-Con International, detailing his plans for future "Umbrella Academy" installments and hisnew series "Killjoys" and other behind-the-scenes factoids, and CBR was there.

CCI: Dark Horse

Several announcements were made at Dark Horse's Comic-Con panel, including the licensing of "Mass Effect" comic books, new Joss Whedon plans and a comics adaptation of Mike Mignola's "Baltimore."

CCI: Gerard Way Part 2: "Killjoys"

Dark Horse has revealed that writer/rock star Gerard Way will be writing "Killjoys," an original miniseries illustrated by Becky Cloonan. CBR News spoke with Way about his latest project.