IN DEPTH: Scott Allie

With his creator-owned graphic novel, "Exurbia," hitting stores today, Scott Allie spoke with CBR News about the origins of the book, how he got his start in comics, what his position editing at Dark Horse entails and much more.

Behind the Scenes of Scott Allie's "Exurbia"

The editor of such popular Dark Horse comics including "Hellboy" and "The Umbrella Academy," Scott Allie takes CBR readers behind the scenes of "Exurbia," a new graphic novel written by Allie with art by Kevin McGoverm.

ECCC: Scott Allie talks "Exurbia"

The editor behind such series as "Hellboy" and "Buffy Season 8," Scott Allie shows off his writing in the dystopian "Exurbia," an OGN debuting in October from Dark Horse. We spoke with Allie about the book.